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We Protect Your DREAM!

"Protecting Sunshine Coast Homes
for more than 10 years"

Termite Inspections & Pest Control Systems

"Trusted by over 2000 home owners"

#1 Termite Inspection
& Termite Treatment Systems.

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Why choose us?

Top Termite & Pest is 100% Australian owned and operated family business, providing termite and pest solutions for people from the Hinterland to the Sunshine Coast over the past decade.

2000+ Sunshine Coast homes protected

500+ Inspections per year

300+ Termite Barrier Systems Installed

We Are Termite Prevention Experts

Professional Termite Inspection to guarantee your protection.
✔︎ Visual Termite Inspection [AS3660.2]
✔︎ Timber Pest Inspection [AS4349.3]
✔︎ Latest Technology [Termatrac T3i device]

You Receive
✔︎ A full AS 3660 Compliant Inspection
✔︎ Report & Management Plan

Pre-Purchase Inspections
Timber Pest Inspections for prospective home buyers giving you peace of mind.


Termite Barrier Systems: New Homes, Renovations, Extensions & Commercial Buildings
Our highly skilled certified inspectors will advise on the best method for total protection through our leading chemical termite barrier or bait station systems.

Chemical termite barrier treatments are safer than they have ever been – for you, the environment and for our technicians. Chemical termite barrier treatments can be applied in a variety of ways for free-standing buildings or concrete slabs. Barriers are installed along the perimeter of external walls (75mm) below footing level. There are also treatments that surround piers, timber, concrete, or steel in the subfloor region of homes.


Three Step Pest Control Process
We carry out a simple three step pest control plan to ensure full control of any pests including crawing and flying insects

1. Inspection
2. Chemical Introduction
3. Annual treatment


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